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Valenciennes Lace Styles

Valenciennes Lace 17th first half 17th century

Left: Guipure Bobbin Lace made in Valenciennes in the 17th century as the town was controlled by the Spanish empire. The Italian influence is still strong.There is almost no relief.

Right: This lace border is dated from around 1654. It was designed and made at the Francoise Badar (1624-1677) school. The design show better contrast against the background of small white dots ( as snow and therefore named snow background) .


Valenciennes Lace 1654
Valenciennes lace with a snow background

Left: Made in the end of the 17th century that lace border was part of a silk suit. This type of Valenciennes lace inspired later the design of Binche Lace.

Right: Some flowers are attached with brides as a kind of net.

Barbe Valenciennes Lace
Valenciennes barbe is dated from the second half of the 17th century. The design is more so structured and sophisticated. The background is either a snow background very similar to the above picture, or a light net . The main motif is flowers: tulip in bud or opened out, myrtle flowers on the border.
Valenciennes Barbe lace Louis XIV

Left: This Valenciennes "Barbe" lace is dated from around 1680. It shows the association of snow stitch with a net. It makes lace lighter, transparent and delicate.

Right: The structure of that piece of lace is typical of the classical Louis XIV style. The thread and the stitches are extremely fine and the motifs are elegant : bundle of small flowers and leaves with an attempt to more simplicity in the design.

Left: That piece of lace was part of a men tie. It dates from the begining of the 18th century. This is a perfect illustration of the Louis XIV style at its best: light net as a backgroud, motifs of flowers and leaves very stylised, perfect balance.

Right: Binche lace imitating valenciennes lace (early 18th century).

Left: Valenciennes Barbe , Regency style. The netting takes up a larger space and the motifs are symetrical.The mesh is regular and round.

Right: This is one of the most beautiful Malines Barbe. Malines was known as the "sister lace " of Valenciennes. The mesh is extremely five and vaporous.

Valenciennes Lace Louis XV style

Left: Valenciennes Barbe, Louis XV style first period. The motifs style is strongly Louis XV: Shell, Acanthus leaves in opposition to flowers spread on the mesh , carnation, myrthe, anemone and other local flowers.

Right: Louis XV valenciennes lace borders. Stylised flowers are the only decorative motifs.

Valenciennes lace border Louis XV style
valenciennes Lace Border 1740

Left: Valenciennes lace borders, end of Louis XV period. The first one use roses as the main decorative motif.

Right: Valenciennes lace border named "Mignonnettes" (Mignon means cute), Louis XVI style. Mignonettes were used as a hair ornementation and very trendy at the time of Marie Antoinette. Square mesh.


Valenciennes lace border named "Mignonnettes"
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